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CordCruncher is first tangle-free headphones in the world

cordcruncherI guess many years from now, when you regale tales of headphones to your grandkids, you would tell them of the day when headphones were no longer under the menace of a tangled cord – and this was not achieved through the clever implementation of Bluetooth connectivity, but rather, courtesy of the CordCruncher headphones, dubbed to be the first tangle-free headphones in the world. It is available as a pre-sale order on Kickstarter, and shipping is tipped to commence sometime in May. All that will happen only when the $20,000 goal is achieved, and with just a couple of weeks left to go (as at press time), this project has amassed a mere $3,445. Good luck, guys!

The design of the CordCruncher is not much to look at, as it makes the cords resemble a fat, juicy worm whenever you slip the elastic sleeve over your headphone’s cords. Capable of adjusting from 16″ to 3.5 feet, it might not be all that pretty, but I think it ought to be able to get the job done – and without the need for any batteries, too, unlike Bluetooth-powered headphones.

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