Diablo 3 fans, heads up! It looks like Blizzard will be releasing detailed histories of a new playable character every week along with skill and gameplay videos. After the release of the Demon Hunter last week, Blizzard has decided to detail the Barbarian character on their Diablo 3 website. They have released a short description of the character:


“The barbarians fulfilled their purpose with unwavering determination for centuries, dwelling in a pristine state of isolation. Anything that could lead toward distraction or weakness was pushed aside, including politics, magic, trade, and machinery. Tribes patrolling Mount Arreat brooked no intrusion from outsiders, without question or parley. It was a pure existence, a life committed to the sword, axe, spear, shield, and duty above all else.”

In any case, for more information on the Barbarian character, or to view its skills and the different types of equipment and armor for it, head on down to the Barbarian page at the Diablo 3 website. So, who’s rolling a Barbarian character when the game eventually hits the shelves come 15th May?

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