Blizzard is a prominent developer and has a huge and loyal fanbase, which is why you can imagine that platforms that support Blizzard’s games will naturally also attract a lot of gamers. However if there is one platform that Blizzard has yet to launch on, it would be Nintendo’s consoles in which no Blizzard game is available yet.

However that could change in 2019 because according to a tweet by Marcus Sellars (via Game Rant), a video games journalist and alleged “industry insider”, Blizzard could be looking to port Diablo 3 onto the Switch come 2019. It seems that one of the areas of focus right now is on Local play, where apparently Blizzard is trying to take advantage of the Switch’s local multiplayer feature.

For those unfamiliar, the Switch console can be played side-by-side with multiple other Switch consoles, so obviously this will be an attractive feature for the game as it means that players will be able to enjoy the game side-by-side. However 2019 does seem like a pretty late release, and gamers have already been clamouring for a Diablo 4.

Also given that Blizzard has shut down the idea of Hearthstone for the Switch, a port that makes a ton of sense given that it is also playable on mobile, Diablo 3 does seem like a bit more of a stretch. In any case it’s probably best taken with a grain of salt, but Switch gamers, how would you guys feel about Diablo 3 potentially arriving for the console?

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