About a week ago, Blizzard announced and finally confirmed when we can finally expect to see the Necromancer class released for Diablo 3. The announcement at that time was for the 27th of June, and sure enough it has arrived alongside the latest patch for the game, patch version 2.6.0.

Note that unlike previous updates for the game which introduced new content for free, the Necromancer will not be a free addition to the game. In case you’re hearing about this for the first time, the Rise of the Necromancer DLC is the first paid DLC for Diablo 3. It is priced at $15 and will include the Necromancer class along with a bunch of additional in-game items.

However we should also point out that only the DLC and its contents will cost players money. Whatever else that is released as part of Patch 2.6.0 will still be free, meaning that players who don’t really see the need or want to play a new class won’t be missing out on anything that will be crucial to the game.

The Necromancer class was originally announced back at BlizzCon 2016 and is basically Blizzard bringing back the class that was introduced in Diablo 2. For the most part the Necromancer will retain the core abilities of its Diablo 2 counterpart, with some changes to its gameplay style that is in line with Diablo 3. More details about the DLC can be found on the Diablo 3 website.

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