Ever wondered just how much strength does Tony Stark have in his Iron Man suit? Of course, we will have to discount variants like the Hulkbuster suit which definitely contains technology of mythical proportions, but one thing is for sure – playboy, billionaire, philanthropist Tony’s strength is certainly augmented. We might not have an Iron Man in our midst just yet, but that does not mean small steps cannot be taken in the right direction. Festo, a company that hails from Germany, has come up with a power amplifier for tired hands that they aptly call the Exo-Hand.

According to Festo spokesman Heinrich Frontzek, “We need a high-tech solution if people working (sic) until 67 are also expected to perform physically. Older employees need power amplifiers for tasks in the construction sector, for instance. We have developed a glove which can double human power.” The Exo-Hand looks like a robot hand plucked straight out from a sci-fi flick, and can be controlled remotely, since the wearer executes movements from up to hundreds of kilometers away. I do wonder whether there is any lag attached to manipulating the Exo-Hand though. Could there be a modern day horror story that sees the Exo-Hand carry out murderous commands of some fiend across the country?

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