Facebook, the world’s largest social network and with plenty of cash at their disposal (having picked up Instagram for $1 billion recently), continues to make waves in the industry, with one of the more light hearted moments involving painting the company’s headquarter’s roof with a gigantic QR code which can be seen from high above the sky. This is what occurred at its “Space Hackathon,” which is a mini-celebration as the last of its employees have finally made the move to the new Menlo Park headquarters. Since employees were encouraged and given the green light to make their space their own, someone decided to “space hack” the new office with a more literal interpretation, by making this QR code large enough to see – and hopefully from space, too.

The entire QR code measures 42-square feet and obviously used up plenty of black and white paint, boasting two-foot pixels which will direct users this way (http://fbco.de) which actually directs you to the Facebook QR Code page.

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