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How To Scan QR Codes On iPhone
We’re sure that many of us have across QR codes in our everyday lives, but if you’re wondering how to access it and scan it with your iPhone, it’s actually pretty simple and straightforward, and here’s how to do it.

WRIXO Secure Medical Band Provides Life-Saving Information
When a medical emergency happens, one thing is certain: time is a precious commodity. That is even truer when the patient is unconscious and not able to provide critically information about their current and past medical issues that could interfere with the outcome of the present emergency. WRIXO aims to solve this issue, without creating new privacy loopholes.

How to scan QR Codes
QR Codes have been invented a couple of decades ago in Japan. They are 2D barcodes that can pack a lot of information into a relatively small space. Also, their design makes them pretty resilient in case their support gets scratched. Since QR Codes are more and more used worldwide, knowing how to scan/decode them is very useful. In this article, we will be knowing – what is a QR […]

Expired QR Code On Heinz Bottle Leads To Porn Website
QR codes are fun to scan and many companies rely on them to lead customers to their websites or to websites where they are currently running some kind of competition. However if there is a lesson that should be learnt is that these companies need to learn how to hold onto their domain names, or at least manage it better.Back in 2012, Heinz ran a promotion in Germany that ran […]


Microsoft Demonstrates Xbox One Kinect QR Code Redemption [Video]
We learned earlier this year the Xbox One would make it possible to redeem QR codes through the console’s new Kinect thanks to a tweet sent out by Xbox corporate vice president Marc Whitten, which we’re sure many of you who have input the extremely long download codes for the Xbox 360 will appreciate. It can take quite a long time to input all of those characters using only the […]

Xbox One Kinect Will Recognize Redeemable QR Codes
The Xbox One will recognize QR codes in place of the long 15-character codes.

QR Codes On Sushi Provide Customers With Additional Information About Their Food
QR codes on your food could offer additional information on where that sushi was fished from.

Mercedes-Benz Is Hoping These QR Codes Will Help Save Lives
QR codes have been used in the mainstream mostly for marketing and advertising purposes, but Mercedes-Benz is hoping their implementation will help save lives.

MasterCard MasterPass Helps You Buy Stuff Without Needing A Register
[MWC 2013] It looks as though VISA isn’t the only credit card company that has something to announce during Mobile World Congress this week as MasterCard is crashing their announcement party with one of their own. And as you would expect, their news is related to mobile payments.MasterCard is announcing its MasterPass service this week, which can offer its users the ability to scan barcodes of merchandise they wish to […]

QR Codes Embedded On Brazilian Sidewalks
We have seen our fair share of creative QR code use in the past, but this time around, another innovative use has been spotted on the traditional mosaic sidewalks of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Yes sir, we are talking about QR codes being embedded into these mosaic sidewalks so that tourists will have a chance to learn more about the city. The QR code on the mosaic itself comprise […]

Generate Your WiFi Password As A QR Code
Now here is a story that you might just want to live it out, especially when you have an organization or do invite plenty of friends over to your place often. Since we live in a mostly wireless environment these days, folks would definitely ask, “May I have your WiFi password please?” A Reddit user decided to do something about this situation, and has “enlisted” the help of QR codes […]

QR Code Clock is the bee’s knees
Just how many ways do you think there are around to make good use of QR codes? We have seen them being implemented at graveyards on tombstones before, which is rather creepy when you think about it, but here is yet another way of implementing QR codes without having to be an advertisement of sorts. I am referring to the QR Code Clock – the name itself says it all. […]

Chinese e-tailer to launch brick and mortar supermarkets filled with only QR codes
The point of shopping online is because it is possibly cheaper and more convenient, which is why we have to wonder what is the point of launching actual physical retail stores without any products in them. This is what Chinese e-commerce company, Yihaodian, has decided to do when they revealed that they will be launching 1,000 supermarkets around China that do not actually stock any physical product, but rather show […]

Wonderbra Decoder reveals more than meets the eye
No, supermodels are not the Transformers in any way, although some of them do have more than meets the eye. Here is an interesting way of using QR codes to capture the attention of the masses, although we do admit that it is not too hard to achieve that when you have hot looking faces and bodies looking right back at you. The Wonderbra Decoder is part of Wonderbra’s new […]