IKEA will offer furniture with built-in electronics in the future

When you think IKEA, chances are the images of furniture pop into your head. However it looks like the Swedish company wants you to associate more than just furniture with them in the future; electronics perhaps? That’s the path IKEA seems to be headed down according to officials who have revealed that the company has plans to launch furniture integrated with consumer electronics in the future. While we’re not sure exactly what this entails, we can imagine that future cupboards and tables from IKEA could come with televisions and sound speakers built into them by default.

The electronics supplied will be from TCL Multimedia and according to IKEA, a simple setup such as a bench unit, television and sound system will set customers back around 6,500 Swedish Krona which is roughly $960. The goal behind this venture is to offer customers both furniture and electronics which has been designed specifically for each other and could help with the mess and hassle of dealing with the clutter of cable cords and remote controls. Interesting. Check out the video below for more information on what IKEA has planned for you guys.

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