We’ve seen a lot of concept headphone designs in the past although we have to admit that this one takes the cake, perhaps drawing inspiration from sci-fi movies or Lady Gaga’s outrageous wardrobe. In any case, the One Sense concept headphones have been designed in such a way that aims to discourage other people from interrupting your listening session.

Designed by Joe Doucet, the headphones not only block off the sights and sounds of our world to give us some alone time, but with the spikes and the color red are apparently drawn from nature’s defense and warning, giving a passerby the impression that we are not to be disturbed. Although given its rather loud design, we have a feeling that wearers of this headphone might be stopped in the streets to be asked about it anyway.

It seems unlikely that the One Sense headphones will ever be put into production for the masses, but they will be on display at the Meet My Project design show held in Milan which will run until the end of April, or in New York City during Design Week which will be held in May.

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