We have definitely come a long way in the world of gaming on your mobile phone, compared to Snake on the Nokia all those years ago. Nowadays, if your phone does not come with a touchscreen display, then you are definitely missing out on a whole bunch of quality games. Well, perhaps someone might introduce a more physical gaming approach to the mobile platform in the future again where smartphones are concerned, and that someone might just by Sony. The Japanese giant did file a patent for a contraption which was granted by the USPTO, where Sony now has the go ahead to develop a device which comes with a couple of sliding mechanisms apart from the display itself. Whenever one engages the primary sliding mechanism, the secondary one will hitch on for the ride, with the default option being the keyboard. The moment both are open, the sliding units will then be disengaged from each another in order to set up the moment when one of the units retracts, the other will continue to be accessible.

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