Facebook’s Timeline is a love it or hate it affair, and StumbleUpon decides to embrace it by introducing the Facebook Timeline app. According to a StumbleUpon spokesperson, the whole idea behind Timeline integration is short and simple, where it is “based on our finding that many of our users find Stumbling more enjoyable when the things they discover become social objects”. Since the way Timeline works fit into that model easily, it would also translate to giving StumbleUpon a whole lot more exposure and presence on Facebook.

What StumbleUpon has to offer should not be too far off from other Timeline apps that are already available. This app will make a post to Facebook each time you follow a new Interest, Channel, or Stumbler, as well as for all times when you Like a piece of content which you have discovered on StumbleUpon. Good thing multiple updates are consolidated into the post itself so that you won’t end up looking like a spammer.

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