Among many of the rumors circulating about the next installment of Microsoft’s gaming console, the next Xbox (720 maybe) codenamed “Durango” will have a Blu-Ray Player and will also require an internet connection at all times while it is in use. According to VG247 (via CraveOnline), this lines up with previous purported rumors about the console and how Bill Gate’s corporation is trying to combat used game sales. How this is relevant is because a mandatory internet connection could possibly mean that games can be tethered to a specific console profile which might mean an end to its resale value.

In addition to the rumor about the constant internet connection, the website also claims the Xbox 720 will come with a Blu-ray drive, two GPUs that are allegedly as fast as two PCs taped together along with a built-in Kinect sensor. The rumored launching of the console is during Christmas 2013. As always with rumors, do take it with a pinch of salt as none of the information has been confirmed yet but agreeably, it is hard not to get excited with the much anticipated console shaping up (albeit with only rumors) to be a great device. If you have any extra information about rumors we have not yet published, do leave us a comment below.

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