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Xbox 720 Expected To Begin Mass Production In Q3 For Q4 Launch
Microsoft will reportedly start mass production of its next Xbox in Q3 for a Q4 launch

Xbox 720: Everything To Look For
As Microsoft is about to announce the next-generation Xbox tomorrow, this may be the last day on which we use the term Xbox 720 (“Xbox Infinity” is rumored, but that seems like a very “final/ultimate” type of name… but why not?). Microsoft entered the console market at a time where many doubted that it could be successful as a new comer. After more than a decade, Microsoft now sits at […]

Sony Teases PS4 Hardware Prior To Next Xbox Event
Sony teases its PlayStation 4 console in a new video, just hours prior to Microsoft's Xbox unveiling.

Next Xbox Event Expected To Feature IllumiRoom [Rumor]
Microsoft is preparing to unveil its IllumiRoom during tomorrow's next-generation Xbox reveal.


Microsoft Updating Xbox 360 Dashboard To Prepare For Next-Gen Xbox [Rumor]
Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox will be unveiled on May 21, which means they probably have a lot planned to be announced that day not only for its newest Xbox video game console, but also its games ecosystem, such as it reportedly giving its Microsoft Points system the axe. It seems that isn’t the only change Microsoft has planned as the company is reportedly planning to prepare its Xbox 360 for the next-generation […]

Microsoft Points Getting The Axe In Time For Next-Generation Xbox Release [Rumor]
Xbox 360 players have been dealing with Microsoft’s Points system when purchasing Xbox Live Arcade games, downloadable content and anything else the Xbox Live Marketplace has to offer for sale for year. The result of this has caused many Xbox 360 players to know instinctively 80 Microsoft Points translates to $1, but it looks like that brain wrinkle can finally be used for some other useless information as it’s being […]

Xbox Infinity Allegedly "Confirmed" As Next Xbox's Moniker
In less than two weeks Microsoft will be announcing the next generation Xbox, on the 21st of May. There have been many rumors about this upcoming console and speculation is at an all time high. A number of monikers have been rumored, some believe that the new console will be called Xbox Infinite, the Xbox Fusion, the Xbox Infinity or quite simply, Xbox. Now IBTimes UK is reporting that “sources related […]

Leaked Microsoft Email Hints Next Xbox Won't Need Always-On Internet
For quite some time now we have been hearing rumors that the next generation Xbox will require an always-on internet connection for playing games. It was also rumored that Microsoft will ultimately leave it up to publishers to decide whether their games would need such an internet connection. It is now being reported that Microsoft’s upcoming console will not need to be connected to the internet when the customer wants […]

Microsoft Sends Out Invites For Pre-E3 Xbox Press Event On June 10
The next Xbox is expected to be unveiled on May 21 in Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond, Washington, but it looks like the company will have more to share with the public outside of its next-generation Xbox as they have just sent out invites to its pre-E3 Xbox press event, which will be held on June 10.Since the May 21 event is most likely focused on the next Xbox and what it’s […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Officially Announced To Be Released On November 5
Ever since the box art for what seemed to be the next Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Ghosts, appeared on the Internet last week, we’ve been hearing little bits of info with an expected unveiling of the game happening today. It looks like that’s exactly what is happening as Activision is announcing Call of Duty: Ghosts today.Call of Duty: Ghosts is being developed by long-time Call of Duty franchise […]

Microsoft IllumiRoom Won't Be Ready In Time For Next Generation Xbox
The Microsoft IllumiRoom concept was initially showed off at CES 2013 back in January. It uses a projector combined with Microsoft’s Kinect sensor to offer users a literally absorbing gameplay experience. IllumiRoom extends gameplay beyond the television as it scans the user’s surrounding through Kinect and creates a digital map of the room. Images and illusions are then projected on to walls or objects via the widescreen projector. For example, […]

Next Gen Xbox Expected To Be Called Xbox Infinity, Might Have Touch Controllers
There has been a steady stream of Xbox related rumors even after Microsoft announced that it will be revealing its upcoming console on the 21st of May. Rumor has it that Microsoft will name the next generation console Xbox Infinity, this of course contradicts previous rumors which claim that the company will simply be calling it the Xbox. The Xbox 720 moniker has been thrown around a lot as well, but […]

Microsoft IllumiRoom Could Equip The Xbox 720 With A Projector
At this year’s CES, Microsoft decided to tease us a bit with its IllumiRoom concept which was shown to expand the visuals of your game beyond your HDTV. After 3 months since its initial unveiling, Microsoft has released a new video showing off the concept once again.Microsoft’s Illumiroom could end up being a device that would sit on a coffee table in order to work together with the Kinect to project […]

Next Xbox Games Will Reportedly Only Require Internet Connection If Publisher Decides
Despite the fact that Microsoft has already announced its plans for revealing next generation Xbox on May 21st, the rumors keep on coming in. According to a latest report which address the controversial issue of the next Xbox supposedly needing an always-on internet connection for playing games, it is up to publishers to decide whether or not their games require such internet connection. Microsoft will reportedly not be imposing any […]

Next Generation Xbox Games Line-up Will Be Shown Off At E3
Yesterday Microsoft announced that it will be unveiling the next generation Xbox on 21st of May. It mentioned in the invite that they will “continue the conversation” at E3 conference which takes place in June. The company has confirmed that it will be showing off next generation Xbox games line-up at this conference, saying that they have a “full line-up of blockbuster gaming experiences” for their next generation console. The E3 […]

Next Generation Xbox Will Reportedly Be Priced At $499
After months and months of wait, Microsoft finally announced yesterday the date on which it will unveil next generation Xbox. The announcement is scheduled for the 21st of May at the company’s headquarter in Redmond, Washington. While Microsoft did not say anything about pricing, the next generation Xbox will reportedly come with a price tag of $499. If customers opt for a $10 per month two year Xbox Live Gold subscription, […]

Xbox 720 Will Be Revealed On May 21st
After months of speculation and rumors about the next generation Xbox release date, Microsoft has finally confirmed when it will be making the official announcement. As we had reported a fortnight ago, the new Xbox will be announced on May 21st. Microsoft will be making this announcement at its Redmond headquarters. If you can’t personally attend the event at Redmond but would like to watch it, you can tune in to the […]

Xbox 720 Isn't Always-On; Will Be Backwards Compatible [Rumor]
The recent drama over the next Xbox potentially including an always-on mode that would require its users to be connected to the Internet escalated recently when Microsoft’s creative director Adam Orth commented on the debate through Twitter, which resulted in the company apologizing for his comments and possibly sparking his early dismissal. But all of that drama may have been for nothing according to a new rumor which puts the always-on rumor to […]

Xbox 720 Always-On Tweets From Microsoft Creative Director Leads To Resignation [Rumor]
It was just last week when Microsoft’s creative director Adam Orth took to Twitter to give his personal opinions on the debate of having devices that are always connected to the Internet. His barrage of tweets resulted in many people predicting the next Xbox would require this constant Internet connection, which after the trouble Diablo III had and SimCity, caused quite the uproar in the gaming community. The results of which may […]

Xbox 720 Will Be Able To Take Control Of TV And Set Top Box
Xbox 720 rumors are a dime a dozen these day, and we’ve just got another one. The Verge is reporting that Xbox 720 will be able to take over TVs and set top boxes, this according to sources familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans. It’ll take over them in a way that is similar to Google TV, and perhaps this is the reason why we’ve been hearing recently that the next […]