Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox will be unveiled on May 21, which means they probably have a lot planned to be announced that day not only for its newest Xbox video game console, but also its games ecosystem, such as it reportedly giving its Microsoft Points system the axe. It seems that isn’t the only change Microsoft has planned as the company is reportedly planning to prepare its Xbox 360 for the next-generation Xbox.

Yes – that does seem like a line out of Inception, but according to The Verge who spoke to a source familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans, a new dashboard update will enter public beta in late June or early July that will offer changes to the system’s UI and updates that will prepare users for the next-generation Xbox. The UI changes will be refreshed alongside smaller Live Tiles and will possibly be tweaked to provide lighter or darker themes.

One of the main reasons for this update is in order to ensure Xbox 360 users are able to transition to the next-generation Xbox as well as allowing those users the ability to interact with existing Xbox 360 players through messaging, beacons and achievements. Hopefully the changes Microsoft has planned for the Xbox 360 UI won’t be too drastic as we all know how the majority of us felt whenever they introduced a drastic change in the console’s UI.

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