One gripe many PlayStation fans had with the PlayStation 4 global event was the fact Sony didn’t show the console. Sure – we heard a lot of information pertaining to the DualShock 4 as well as caught glimpses of some sweet-looking next-generation games, but we certainly wanted to see what we’ll be staring out for hours at a time. While Sony has yet to unveil the PlayStation 4, that hasn’t stopped them from teasing us nearly 24 hours prior to Xbox’s unveiling of its next-generation Xbox.

The teaser video looks to have highlighted the PlayStation 4 console, but many of the images are shown at high speeds while slowly zooming into a blurry, black rectangle. What we can make out from the video is a PlayStation logo, what looks to be exhaust ports, maybe a power button, and a bunch of close-up angles of what we assume is the PlayStation 4. Oh – yea, don’t forget about the “4” which seems to resemble the “4” in the PS4 logo.

The title of the video hints that we could possibly be seeing the PlayStation 4 make its debut at E3 this year, although we think it would have been safe to assume Sony was planning on unveiling it on June 10 anyway during its global press conference.

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