YouTube has always been the way to go for anyone who wanted to reach the masses with a video. On top of that, one of the features that YouTube offers that seems to come in pretty handle is the ability to add music with your video using its Audio Editing tool. The service that is provided comes with a library of music tracks that users can choose from and use legally. This is because if users were to use their own music, their videos run the risk of being taken down for copyright violation unless they literally play some song and recorded it.

Earlier today, YouTube announced that it had rolled out an update to the Audio Editing tool which included a new UI which now exists to fine tune the audio on your videos to come out as good as it can possibly get. The update included additional tracks which puts the library at more than 150,000 tracks, the ability to mix music in with videos at levels ranging from “soft background” to “completely replace”, addition of “featured tracks” which can now be sourced for faster and easier selection and finally, a revamped Audio Editing UI for high user-friendliness.

With this new update, record labels can remain blissful due to the fact that they can make deals with YouTube for its AudioSwap feature since viewers are directed to a place where they can purchase the song in question. If you want to see how the new design for Audio Editing with YouTube is, you can view the video embedded above to learn how to exchange the horrible ambient sounds sometimes on video to a better sounding tune.

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