Angry Birds on Facebook gains Share & Play feature, allows embedding in websites and Facebook Timelines

If you love Rovio’s Angry Birds and you simply can’t get enough of it, it has been announced by Rovio that Angry Birds on Facebook has recently gained a new “Share & Play” feature. As the name itself has probably implied, this new feature will allow Facebook Angry Bird gamers to embed a game of Angry Birds onto your blog, a webpage or even onto a Facebook timeline. The process is reportedly pretty simple and straightforward and will allow friends to post their best scores for a particular level on another friend’s Facebook Timeline and get them to try and beat it! While I have nothing against the game, I’m not sure how I feel about my Facebook Timeline possibly getting spammed by Angry Birds posts. However we have to admit that this is a pretty cool feature but what do you think? Head on over to Rovio’s website for the details or check out the video above for a brief demonstration of the Share & Play feature in action.

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