Now here is a robot that you can pilot remotely, having it plumb the depths while beaming back a video to the surface in high definition glory. It is touted to be affordable at $3,995 a pop, where you can control this particular underwater robot wirelessly thanks to an iOS-powered device, smartphone, or just about any other notebook. Videos are captured in Full HD, and stills can also be taken, where the Aquabotix HydroView is controlled simply through the tilting of your device (if it has a built-in accelerometer), while speed and video commands are dispensed through the touchscreen display.

Definitely one of the more ideal methods of exploring bodies of water without having to get wet yourself, and you can also opt to pick up a cheaper alternative instead with the AquaLens that retails for just $475, although this is but a lens that is mounted on the end of a standard boat hook or guide pole, sending back live video to a wrist-mounted LCD display. The Aquabotix HydroView is able to record in low-light conditions as well thanks to on-board LED lights, and it works up to a maximum depth of 150 feet. [Press Release]

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