Kickstarter has proven to be a success for Leisure Suit Larry, and here we are with the possibility of Battle Chess being developed all over again thanks to Subdued Software. Yes, I know that most of us have never heard of Subdued Software before, but this is a small studio which has been around for a few years, but it has the mark of different industry vets being the founders, including Phillip Adam, former president of Interplay, who actually published the original release all the way back in 1988. At this moment, most of Subdued Software’s “famous” successes are a bunch of DSiWare games, not to mention a few console ports of “WWE All-Stars.”

Should the Kickstarter version actually be fleshed out in real life, it will be made available for the PC as well as the iOS platform. Would have been nice to see an Android version released though. This new modern version will include fully articulated 3D models for that added touch of realism, as well as a revamped chess engine so that differently skilled players are able to handle the various levels of challenge before they burn out and give up.

Subdued Software requires $100,000, but right now they are still very far off from the target, having just $5,507 from 175 backers.

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