You walk into a store and you see a jacket that caught your attention. You think it looks great but how will your friends, family and those around you react? The good news is that if you’re looking for some positive reinforcement on a purchase you’re about to make, a Brazilian clothing store by the name of C&A has started putting real time Like counters on its hangers in their retail outlets located around Brazil. As the name might suggest, these counters display the number of Likes that the particular piece of clothing has received from C&A’s Facebook page.

The company uploads photos of the clothing that they sell and their followers will have the option of Liking it. When they do, the Like will be added to the counter and displayed on the hanger, thus giving customers a good idea of what’s popular and what isn’t. Granted taste is subjective but it’s a pretty interesting way of seeing social media integrated into real life situations. Who knows, we could be seeing Like counters start appearing on menus in the future as well. Head on over to C&A’s Facebook page for more photos.

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