Sometimes the watch you wear helps compliment your entire outfit, but how about a watch that will compliment your surroundings instead? Designers Peter and Sam have come up with a concept watch they’ve dubbed the Camalien. It’s an LED watch with a sleek design that also comes with a camera built into it that will record your surroundings and will change the watch’s color accordingly. Admittedly the Camalien is more of a fashion accessory as opposed to one you’ll walk into a board meeting with, but if you’re all about fashion, then this watch is probably for you, assuming it ever gets made of course.

Other features of the Camalien includes the ability for it to scroll messages across its surface, the ability for it to do light pulses which essentially displays the colors of the surrounding with an overlay of the current time. There’s also a swarm mode which basically causes the watch and other watches similar in nature nearby to light up simultaneously. Very interesting idea and a unique one at that! We’re not sure if such a watch would be possible but if you’d like to vote for it anyway, head on over to Tokyo Flash for the details.

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