While tablets in the past might have only seen a use primarily in the enterprise sector, tablets today such as the iPad and Android tablets have found a way into the hands of regular folks like you and me. Companies such as airlines have also introduced the use of tablets as entertainment devices, or to replace flight bags, and sports teams have also started to use tablets as a means to watch replays and also to double up as a digital playbook. This is why it did not come as a complete surprise to hear that Disney will now be outfitting their park employees with iPads to help with guest relations.

The iPads will be used as part of Disney’s “FastPass” system that allows park goers to receive their passes, return to popular attractions and bypass the queue. The program is currently on trial and Disney will be selecting guests to test out the new feature. The guests will be able to book their rides in advance and thanks to RFID technology, when the guests’ RFID bands have been scanned, the information will then be sent to a nearby Disney employee’s iPad with all the reservation information. It certainly sounds a lot more efficient and the program is expected to run for the next few weeks to help gauge its effectiveness. What do you guys think?

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