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No Plans For Ad-Supported Disney Plus For Now
Services like Spotify offer its customers a free tier, where some features are limited and users will have to put up with ads. Obviously the goal is to drive customers to start paying, but it’s an alternative for those who can’t afford to or don’t want to. In a way, we can see the merits of such an option.

Disney Shows Off Its ‘Real’ Retractable Lightsaber
Lightsabers have to be one of the coolest weapons we’ve seen in fiction, and throughout the years, we’ve seen many people attempt to make it. However, the problem with the lightsaber concept is that creators need to choose between either making it an actual functional weapon, or a weapon that in terms of effects, closely mimics that of the lightsaber we’ve seen in Star Wars movies.

Black Widow Will Debut On Disney+ With Premier Access
Are you looking forward to Marvel’s next movie, Black Widow? If you are, then you might have heard that the movie will be released in theaters this coming July, but if you’re still a bit worried about the pandemic and would rather watch in the comfort and safety of your own home, then you’re in luck, kind of.

You Can Soon Enter Disney World With Your Phone Instead Of A MagicBand
If you’ve ever been to a theme park or a concert, sometimes you are given these paper bracelets that act as your ticket into the venue. The problem with these bracelets is that they can get damaged and lost or they might not be particularly pleasant to wear, which is why Disney is taking steps to change that.


Disney+ Could Overtake Netflix In The Next 5 Years
Right now Netflix is pretty much sitting at the top of the list when it comes to streaming. Despite being late to the party, Disney+ is actually doing pretty well for itself and seems to be rising rapidly, but could it rise fast enough where it might eventually overtake Netflix? Turns out that some think that is a possibility, a possibility that could occur in the next 5 years.

Disney+ Launches New Bundle That Includes Ad-Free Hulu
Given the various streaming platforms under Disney’s banner, it didn’t really come as a surprise when the company decided to offer them as a bundle where for $12.99 a month, users could get Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. However, this version only offered the ad-based version of Hulu, which for some isn’t ideal.

Disney+ Puts New Restrictions On Kids Profiles
When it comes to content designed for kids, many companies have filters and warnings in place to prevent kids from watching content they aren’t meant to. However, it seems that Disney is taking things one step further with Disney+ by outright preventing kids from accessing certain cartoons and movies that are deemed problematic.

Marvel Confirms Deadpool 3 Will Be An R-Rated Movie
Back in 2019, actor Ryan Reynolds confirmed that Deadpool 3 was in the works, but recent reports have suggested that maybe Marvel might not be as interested in the franchise despite its financial success, but for those who might be concerned that there won’t be a third Deadpool movie, you can rest assured that there will.

Disney+’s The Mandalorian Is 2020’s Most Pirated TV Show
It’s safe to say that Disney+’s The Mandalorian has been a hit. Of course, it does have the advantage of being set in the Star Wars universe which is beloved by millions around the world, but it has still managed to hold its own. In fact, according to a report from TorrentFreak, The Mandalorian was so popular that it has nabbed the title of being the most pirated TV show […]

Disney+ Subscription Fees Will Go Up By $1 Next Year
If you’re looking to subscribe to Disney+, you might want to do so soon. This is because according to an announcement by the company, it seems that come 2021, they will be raising the subscription fees of Disney+ by $1. This means that instead of $7 a month, customers will be paying $8 a month.

Disney+ Has Hit 86.8 Million Subscribers
While companies like Netflix and Hulu have had a head start when it comes to streaming services, it seems that it doesn’t really matter because according to Disney, they have announced that their Disney+ streaming service has managed to hit 86.8 million subscribers in total.

Could Hulu Eventually Get Folded Into Disney+?
Given that Disney owns Hulu, we always thought it was slightly odd that the company is still running multiple streaming services at the same time, like Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+, for example. Wouldn’t it be better to just consolidate all those services together to make it more appealing for both users and investors?

Disney+ Is Now Home To 73 Million Subscribers
While Disney might have been a bit late to the streaming game, the company is certainly catching up rather quickly. According to the latest figures in terms of subscribers, it seems that Disney+ is currently sitting at a total of 73 million subscribers as of October 2020, an impressive growth given that the service launched just last year.

Disney Created A Robot With An Scarily Unnerving Gaze
While robots might be getting better at mimicking the actions of humans, one thing it lacks is in the eyes. While one could create artificial eyes for robots, they tend to look lifeless. This is rather important as the eyes can sometimes be expressive themselves, and you can sometimes tell what a person is feeling based on their eyes.

How To Cancel Your Disney+ Subscription
Disney+ is Disney’s attempt at creating a video streaming service. The platform is home to many popular Disney franchises, but if maybe it’s not quite your thing, not to worry because cancelling your subscription is a piece of cake.

ESPN+ Will Be Getting A $1/Month Price Hike
If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you want to subscribe to Disney’s ESPN+, you might want to move quickly because the company has announced that starting August 12, they will be increasing the price of its monthly subscription from $4.99 a month to $5.99 a month, which means that over the course of a year, you will end up paying $12 more.

Disney’s Streaming Services Now Boasts Over 100 Million Subscribers
While Disney might have gotten into the streaming game later than some of its competitors, it appears that the company’s reputation, portfolio, and acquisition strategy is paying off because during the company’s third quarter earnings report, they have revealed that their streaming services now play home to more than 100 million subscribers.

‘Mulan’ Will Launch On Disney+ For $30
When it comes to blockbuster movies, companies usually choose to show it at theaters first before it is made available on DVD/Blu-ray or a streaming service. However, it seems that with many cinemas closed as a result of the pandemic, Disney is trying something new with its upcoming Mulan movie.

Disney+ Will No Longer Be Offering Free Trials
With a lot of online services, companies usually offer a trial period so that customers know what they are buying before fully committing, especially if it’s going to be a subscription that is ongoing. However, as far as Disney+ is concerned, Disney seems to be done with offering free trials to customers.

Disney+ Managed To Gain 16.5 Million Subscribers In Just 10 Days
Disney’s foray into streaming with Disney+ is no doubt a little late when compared to the competition like Netflix and Hulu, but thanks to the company’s strong branding, reputation, and its catalogue which plays home to many beloved franchises, they have managed to gain a lot of traction fairly quickly.