Electric vehicles seem to be the way to go, and here we are with the e-Tuk Vendo from the Netherlands. Yes sir, what we normally would have associated with the Kingdom of Thailand and the death defying tuk-tuks, is not the purview of Thailand itself, as the Tuk Tuk Factory from the Netherlands recently announced the availability of an all-electric modified tuk-tuk which they dub the e-Tuk Vendo. The e-Tuk Vendo will feature a range of 70 kilometers (43 miles), and will most probably be stationary for a few hours each day as the proprietor works on keeping his or her customers happy with whatever wares that can be crammed into the e-Tuk Vendo.

The e-Tuk Vendo will have an internal battery that will power the integrated refrigerator and water pumps, while a working table and three cubic meters of storage space is also part of each purchase. Whenever you are serving food, just plug the e-Tuk Vendo into the utility mains, and the battery will get charged up. There are other electric passenger models as well, including the three-person e-Tuk Classico and the e-Tuk Limo which transports six. Expect the e-Tuk Vendo to retail from 24,000 Euros onwards if you want one of these as your stall.

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