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Facebook Pages have not been getting the attention it deserved since it has been used for business purposes since it was started. For instance administrators of a page could appoint other users as administrators and those people had about the same powers as the creator. This caused some problems especially since they even had the ability to not only post new advertisements but also to un-publish the entire page.
Now apparently, Facebook has come up with a more detailed and business friendly plan for its Pages. If you enter a page where you are an administrator today, you will notice that you can now assign different roles to users. To access the preferences dialog, the easiest method we know so far is to hit the ‘Manage’ button, and this is followed by settings in the following menu. After that, find ‘Admin Roles’ and you will be able to see a complete list of users along with roles that are now changeable.


Managers are the core administrators of the page and hold the most amounts of abilities within Pages and only they can manage Admin Roles. Other roles include Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst. The image below shows the roles along with their rights that are available for selection. Reportedly, the Admin Roles feature is something that has been in-demand for quite some time now. And while the feature can be used well for individuals, it will be a breath of fresh air for companies since they can assign lesser roles to employees and therefore prevent from accidental or intended negative changes.

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