Yes, hold your horses – Windows Phone 8, or Apollo as it is nicknamed, is still not ready for prime time action just yet, so the current version of Windows Phone 7 will just have to do at the moment. While the Windows Phone platform has a rather ‘clean’ look about it, I am a firm believer that there is always room to improve, and the same can be said for Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Windows Phone Hacker has introduced its most recent homebrew application known as “Folders for Windows”, where it will enable one to create folders in the app menu itself. This app is currently undergoing beta testing, so there might be some bugs here and there if you happen to give it a go.

Still, Folders for Windows does offer a look of promise, where what was originally a concept is now realized in code, introducing an even more efficient way of organizing your mobile operating system. At point of publishing, this homebrew app is at version 1.0, so do expect future updates in Folders for Windows to deliver even greater levels of useability. Those who own a HTC Windows Phone and have already unlocked their device can head on over to Windows Phone Hacker in order to give Folders for Windows a go if you are interested.

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