Most people know that HTC has its fair share of smartphones for the market, but out of the slew of devices, which does HTC themselves consider as the best? We have just gotten word that the HTC Titan II has been reported to have the best camera of any Windows Phone powered device in the market at this point in time. This should not come as a surprise, considering how the Titan II is accompanied by a 16 megapixel camera. Having said that, do bear in mind that the higher the megapixel count does not necessarily translate to superior images or image quality, as the megapixel race has long finished. HTC Vice President Bjorn Killburn did blow the trumpet of the HTC Titan II’s camera, calling it “by far the best camera available on a Windows Phone.”

Does this mean it is about time smartphone cameras will take over the role of casual point and shoot cameras? Perhaps the lines of parity are getting shorter and shorter with each new smartphone released, but you can be sure that a smartphone will never take the place of a DSLR or Micro Four Thirds shooter within this year barring a miracle, so do not start leaving your DSLR gathering dust at home yet.

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