I am not quite sure about you, but when a computer peripheral like the humble mouse gets a fashion makeover as in this case, you know that the world is all out of whack. After all, most of us have been doing just fine with plastic as the material of choice for our mice over the decades, so just what justifies the existence of the Kawanezumi leather mouse? Perhaps there has been some market research done before the Kawanezumi leather mouse was mooted and sent into production, and there might just be folks out there who want that touch of class and luxury whenever they work, never mind if they are at the bottom of the pecking order in an organization.

Japan’s Atelier Wazakura is the brain behind the Kawanezumi leather mouse, where it will feature hand-trimmed panels of saddle leather which have been precisely fitted onto the exterior of an optical, wireless mouse. A solitary AA battery will power the Kawanezumi leather mouse, while there is a slot up there which reveals the scroll wheel. It does seem as though the Kawanezumi leather mouse targets only Japanese hands (or those with small hands and digits), so if you have a large pair of hands, it would be better for you to look elsewhere. So far, we do know that Atelier Wazakura has limited orders to just 10 units being produced each month, retailing for approximately $91.75 a pop if you are interested.

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