When Apple launched the iMac Pro, the computer was launched in a space gray finish and was also released with similarly colored accessories. For a while, these accessories like the keyboard and mouse were sold exclusively with the iMac Pro, but were later released as separate products that you could buy by itself.

However, now that Apple has discontinued the iMac Pro, it seems that the company will also be discontinuing the related accessories. This means that if you wanted to get your hands on a space gray Apple Magic Keyboard or Magic Mouse, now’s your last chance because Apple has stated that these accessories will continue to be sold while stocks last.

We’re not sure how many units of each device Apple has left in stock, but like we said, with Apple discontinuing the iMac Pro, we doubt that they will have many units left. This is purely for aesthetic reasons as there is no other reason you would get this color option over the regular silver one.

Apple has recently introduced a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID built into it for its new 24-inch iMac, so that might actually be a better option for security and convenience when it eventually becomes available for purchase.

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