Gamers can be particular about the tools they use when it comes to gaming. This is why it’s actually not that surprising when you find that some gamers actually bring their own PCs to some competitive events where it is allowed. Some also have their favorite keyboard and mouse that they like to use.

It’s not surprising given that other professionals also have their favorite tools that they can’t live without, like a chef who has a favorite cast iron pan, an artist who has a favorite pencil or paintbrush, and so on. So if you’re the type that likes to bring their own peripherals around, then XPG could have something for you.

The company has recently unveiled a concept mouse they plan to show off at CES 2022 called the XPG Vault. On the surface, the mouse doesn’t look too different from your standard gaming mouse, but under the hood, it actually comes with an integrated SSD that can store up to 1TB of data.

The idea is that by integrating an SSD, it will allow gamers to actually store their games on it and bring it with them wherever they go. We suppose it will be just as useful for office workers or students who can use the internal storage to keep files and documents, or even creative professionals who can use it to store photos or videos or audio.

That being said, not much else is known about the mouse and how much it will cost or if there are plans to actually make it a reality, but given the 1TB SSD stuffed inside it, we have a feeling it probably won’t come cheap.

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