It is safe to say that the Koopa Shell USB mouse is not going to be the most ergonomic computing peripheral that you have ever come across, but it sure as heck would make the ideal desktop decoration for Mario fans out there. Retailing for approximately $31 after conversion, the Koopa Shell USB mouse will come in two colors that are as sure as the sun will rise in the east – red and green. Regardless of the color that you choose, make no mistake about it – the red version is not any better than the green version, quite unlike how we prefer the red shell in the Mario Kart franchise due to its homing ability. Of course, there is always the fabled blue shell, but I guess NCSX decided not to stock that color as it might just obliterate everything else on the desktop with the right amount of active imagination. It would be safe to assume that only the curious and hardcore Mario fans would get one of these, others are better off with a real, proper mouse.

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