Thanks to the apps and functions on our smartphones these days, our devices are pretty much capable of doing a lot of things and that includes saving a bird’s life! This story involves British tree surgeon, Leon Timms who discovered a tiny chaffinch lying on the ground. Apparently the bird flew into the solar panels on Timms’ roof or collided into one of his windows, but whatever the case, it appeared to be dazed and had trouble breathing. He brought it into his house and started to stroke the bird, hoping to revive it and for reasons unknown, he decided to turn to his smartphone for help.


“I brought the chaffinch inside and started stroking him on my lap, and then I came up with the idea of playing it the sound of another chaffinch on my mobile phone app. I popped the app on and almost immediately the bird’s eyes opened and he seemed to become more alert … It definitely responded to the sound of another chaffinch.”

Coincidence or did the app actually work? We guess we won’t know but according to the RSPB, this was a first. Timms went on to note that this was definitely something he could “tweet” about. Pun completely and utterly intended.

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