It looks like Microsoft will be integrating its Internet Explorer 9 browser into the Xbox 360 after all, according to Tom Warren of The Verge. Warren said that Microsoft is currently working on a modified version of Internet Explorer 9 for the Xbox 360 console. Microsoft reportedly said that the Internet Explorer for the Xbox will allow users to surf the web right straight from the comfort of their living rooms. It’s also reported that Microsoft has integrated Kinect gestures and voice control into the functionality, hence allowing Xbox users to surf in a new way. But unfortunately, they did not mention when exactly will Internet Explorer arrive on the Xbox. The Verge also added that the Kinect support is not mandatory and that the browser will be tuned for Kinect usage. While this might sound interesting to a few, it’s important to note that this is a rumor and that it has to be confirmed. CNET, who also wrote about the news, reportedly contacted Microsoft for a comment. “Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation,” a spokesperson said in reply.

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