Thanks to our phones in general spotting glossy looking displays, this is just a recipe for attracting fingerprints and grime, thus making our displays to look extremely unsightly if not cleaned every now and then. While using our shirts and napkins as makeshift screen cleaners, wouldn’t it be better if we could take proper screen cleaners with us on the go? Designer Löytö Esineiden has come up with what he thinks is a solution in the form of the Ö Case, a case for the iPhone that comes with a built-in screen cleaner.


Some of you guys might recall the toy that we used to play as kids where we could draw on a surface using a pen that attracted magnetic filings. In order to clean the slate, we’d drag the “cleaner” from one end to the other and this is pretty much how the Ö Case will clean your iPhone’s display. The little gadget at the end of the device is actually a screen cleaner and dragging it upwards and downwards will help you wipe down the sweat/dust/dirt that is collected on its display.

On top of that, the space used by the cleaner has also been hollowed out and pulls double duty as a slot where you can store your earphone buds when not in use! Granted it’s not the most sleek looking case we’ve seen, nor is it the most compact, but it does appear to be pretty handy! What do you guys think? Would the Ö Case be a case you could see yourself buying?

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