Quirky’s Cipher card-shaped stylus can be stowed away easily

One of the drawbacks to styluses is that unless your phone/tablet comes with a dedicated slot to keep the stylus, chances are at some point or the other you are going to lose it. If the idea of a stylus which isn’t bound to the traditional pen/pencil look is fine by you, Quirky has come up a stylus they’re called the Cipher, which as pictured above is a stylus that is in the shape of a card and should be able to slot in nicely in your purse/wallet’s card slots. Made from capacitive materials, the Cipher should behave like your regular stylus although given its design, holding it might take some getting used to. At the moment Quirky appears to be evaluating whether the Cipher will take off and become a success, as opposed to being just another “quirky” (pun intended) accessory for touchscreen devices. However if it were to go on sale, its expected price is $4 and will be sold in a two-pack meaning that you’ll have one spare should you lose the first one. [Product page]

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