There have been several rumors suggesting that Apple’s upcoming refresh of MacBook Pros will feature a slimmer profile. Apparently the new MacBook Pros will be taking design cues from the MacBook Air and will be thinner and more portable and reportedly will do away with the optical drive. However thanks to a fresh set of rumors, it does not look like that will be the case. Assuming these new rumors are to be believed (as far as rumors go), the new MacBook Pros will be keeping its shape and design and dimensions, but will instead do away with the optical drive, throw in a dedicated SSD and will sport a larger and longer lasting battery.

The removal of the optical drive serves two purposes – to encourage users to download from the Mac App Store, and secondly to fit another 2.5” hard drive in there. Yup, it seems that by removing the optical drive, Apple will have enough space to fit a 2.5” HDD in there alongside an SSD. The SSD will be used for booting up the computer while the HDD will allow users more storage capacity for their files. What do you guys think? Does this sound plausible or are you still leaning more towards a slimmed down MacBook Pro? Until Apple makes the official announcement, we will be taking this with generous doses of salt for now.

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