When human beings purchase a mobile device, we think about things like specs, app availability, design, form factors and for some, even popularity. However, when something which works on blunt fact is asked to select something, it will do so based on information and data that it has collected. That at least is how we have been seeing it work.

Prior to this, we’ve seen Siri, the voice-recognition assistant application on the iPhone 4S indicate that the Nokia Lumia 900 which runs on the Windows Phone OS was the ‘Best Smartphone Ever’. After a quick fix, it apparently now gives witty responses to the query.

Now however with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, some folks have asked the same question to its version of a voice-recognition assistant application; S-Voice. The answer that was received was along the same lines as the one Siri initially gave out because it named another Windows Phone handset; the HTC Trophy (Black) as the best smartphone.

As opposed to going through Wolfram Alpha which queued up Best Buy’s user ratings like Siri did, S-Voice apparently looked directly at the user ratings on Best Buy which currently lists the Black HTC Trophy as the top smartphone with the previously top Lumia 900 in number four.

We cannot push the blame onto the device for pointing out which it thinks is the best based on customer satisfaction although that isn’t what we primarily look at when we look to buy a mobile device. On the other hand, we should be congratulating Microsoft for coming up with something that seems to be making customers happy constantly in the Windows Phone OS.

With that said however, the HTC Trophy is still nothing close to devices like the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus by our humble human standards. Please choose your weapons to prepare for the time when machines will rise against man now.

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