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Samsung offers 50GB of Dropbox storage with Galaxy S3 purchase

GALAXY S III Product Image 3 WNow that the dust surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S3 has started to settle after its announcement, it is time to take stock of the situation. What kind of goodies can you expect by being an early adopter? It seems that Samsung has teamed up with Dropbox in this matter, offering additional storage to Galaxy S3 owners – to the tune of 50GB, in fact. Now this is pretty impressive considering how much more space you have on the cloud if you register the Galaxy S3 upon purchase. This free storage space has an expiry date though, but then again that is something else for you to worry about a couple of years from now. Which would would most probably be looking out for the new iPhone after the next generation, or perhaps the Galaxy S5 by the time you search for a new home for your ‘refugee data’.

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