Dropbox Now Supports Extensions

Dropbox works with many apps, where you can choose to save or pull files directly from Dropbox without having to open an app. An example would be Gmail where users can pull files from Dropbox to add as an attachment in emails. Now it looks like the opposite is true, where Dropbox can now work with other apps.

Dropbox Extensions Feature Announced

Dropbox is a great cloud storage service if you’re looking for a way to backup and sync your files and folders across multiple platforms. However given that there are plenty of other online services that offer similar functionality, such as iCloud, OneDrive, and Google Drive, just to name a few, Dropbox certainly needs to set itself apart.

Google Announces More Third-Party Integrations For Gmail

Gmail has become one of the default email services that many people use, but given that Google can only do so much or provide so much services, it’s not surprising that people sometimes turn to other companies for their different needs. For example some users might prefer using Dropbox over Google Drive.

Dropbox Will Now Scan Your Images For Text To Make Searching Easier

Searching for text-based files in Dropbox is pretty simple and straightforward, where you just need to type what you’re looking for. However searching for images is a different story, and this is something that many companies are working on, where they’re developing AI to help identify images so that these are actual labels and identifiers that users can search images with.


Dropbox Upgrades Professional & Business Standard With More Storage

These days as our media files start getting bigger to accommodate higher resolution displays, our storage needs have increased as well. This is evidenced on our mobile devices where 16GB as base storage is no longer enough, and where some manufacturers are even considering putting as much as 512GB of storage into their devices.

Dropbox Add-On For Gmail Now Available

Cloud storage is a great way for users to keep their files synced and available across multiple devices, such as phones, computers, tablets, and more. It makes accessing them easier if you switch between devices frequently. Now for those who use Gmail, you might be interested to learn about a new partnership between Google and Dropbox.

Dropbox Update Lets Users Preview More Files Types

The file explorers on our computers let us preview files before we open them. For example users can open a ZIP file to look inside its contents without having to extract all of it. This is something that we’re sure Dropbox users will appreciate the good news is that Dropbox has since expanded the files preview feature to include more file types.

Dropbox Partners With Google For Native G Suite Integration

There are plenty of cloud storage services at the moment, and unsurprisingly they all want you to use their services. This means that if you’re like most users and tend to mix and match different products and services, it can get pretty tricky and messy, where an example would be where if you wanted to sync your G Suite files with Dropbox.

Dropbox IPO Intends To Raise $500 Million

It has been over a decade since cloud file storage service Dropbox was founded and amid reports that it was planning to go public, Dropbox has finally confirmed that it’s indeed going for an initial public offering. The company is looking to raise $500 million as part of this IPO and will trade on the Nasdaq under the “DBX” symbol.

Dropbox IPO Filing Reportedly Made Confidentially

Cloud storage service Dropbox has been around for over a decade. Normally, when a company of this size and magnitude has been around for this long, rumors start swirling about the possibility of it going public. We’ve heard many such rumors over the past few years and now it finally appears to be happening. According to a new report, the Dropbox IPO filing has been made confidentially with the relevant […]

Dropbox Launches ‘Dropbox Professional’ Plan

Recently you might have heard that Dropbox had decided to revamp themselves, giving themselves a brand new, youthful, and more energetic look, so to speak. However it seems that changing its look wasn’t all that Dropbox has up their sleeves because the company has recently announced a new plan called Dropbox Professional.

Dropbox Undergoes A Radical New Design

When it comes to cloud storage services, Dropbox is probably one such service that comes to mind. The company has been operating pretty much the same way over the years, retaining that familiar blue and white design that many are familiar with. However it seems that Dropbox has decided that maybe times are changing.

Dropbox Adds Mobile Prompts For Two-Step Verification

It’s never an ideal scenario when you’re locked out of an online account. It can prove to be a major frustration when you absolutely need to gain access to that account in order to finish your work on time. Since many find it difficult to keep track of emergency backup codes or can’t sometimes reliably receive text messages, Dropbox has developed a new solution to ensure that users can swiftly […]

Dropbox Launches New Security Checkup Tool

You would think that with all the new technology we have these days that we should be safer than ever from attacks. Sure, current security methods do a pretty good job at protecting us against more common forms of attacks, but it doesn’t mean that we should be lax when it comes to security.