We are all so stoked up about 3D movies and all these days, but have you given a thought about video games taking the 3D route? Sure, Nintendo’s 3DS was launched last year, but it has yet to make quite the impact in revolutionizing mobile gaming to date, and neither did the HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D make any headway for mobile 3D gaming, either. It is time to turn back the clock, as we all take a look at how Sega pioneered the world of 3D gaming through a title known as Time Traveler (how ironic), debuting at 1991 which is slightly more than a couple of decades ago. Obviously, when you look at things in hindsight, Time Traveler was no success, otherwise our arcades would have been full of such games by now. A stroll to the past certainly brings back fond memories, doesn’t it?

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