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Samsung Unveils 3D Cinema LED Screen For Theaters
Samsung launched its Cinema LED Screen for theaters last year. The company has consistently said that this product overcomes the limitations of conventional film projectors in theaters with its 4,096 x 2,160 4K resolution picture quality, true black HDR, and non-distorted visual imagery. If you thought that was enough, think again, because the company has now unveiled a 3D Cinema LED Screen.

3D Reconstruction Made Easy With Mitsubishi
[CEATEC 2015] If you have ever worked with 3D modeling software before, you would know for sure that it is no walk in the park at all. Well, while it has become a whole lot easier than ever before, this does not mean that it is simple enough for any Tom, Dick and Harry to master 3D modeling software overnight. Reconstructing a scene can also be a tough assignment, as […]

Electrik Beach 3D Body Scanning System Might Help Whip You Into Shape
If you are a veteran in the battle of the bulge, and find that you happen to be on the losing end most of the time, perhaps it would be prudent to give it another go with the help of Electrik Beach and their brand new 3D full body scanning system that is known as the MyBodee system. With the MyBodee system, users can keep track of their results, letting […]

Watching 3D Movies Might Improve Brain Power
3D movies certainly became a hit once again with the release of Avatar all those years ago – and you can be sure that each blockbuster that comes out these days which is chock full of action will also be filled to the brim with 3D goodness, although some might say that the premium forked out for a 3D movie is not worth the effects seen. Still, it looks like […]


3D Printed Solar Car Prototypes Created By University Students
The Shell EcoMarathon Asia solar car race is about to happen later this month, and no doubt about it one will be able to check out some of the more unique offerings that carry cutting edge technology. In fact, students over from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore will be submitting their 3D-printed solar car, now how about it?

TriLite Technologies Look To Deliver Glasses-Free 3D Displays
If there is one particular aspect about life these days that you would be unable to avoid (other than death and taxes, of course), it would be advertisements. They are just about everywhere – on that freemium game on your smartphone, on the TV, in the cinema before a movie starts, heck, there are even plenty of shameless in-movie plugs going on. Oh yeah, and the traditional standby, billboards. It […]

The Who Introduces 3D App
There’s an app for that, or so the saying goes. I suppose that even musicians too, would like to jump aboard the app bandwagon. Take The Who for instance, as they have recently introduced a brand new 3D app for a smartphone. Of course, this particular 3D app does not limit its use to just a smartphone, as it will also play nice with a tablet and a desktop, doing […]

Rumor: Apple Could Be Developing Glass-less 3D Display
Word on the street has it that Apple might actually be developing a new kind of display – one that would offer the wonders of 3D viewing, but without the need to actually wear a pair of 3D glasses, now how about that? If this rumor were to be true, then we could be looking at a unique future smartphone that would surely make one think of the early days […]

3D Printed Guns Could Be Armed With Steel-Reinforced Bullet
It is more or less a well known fact by now that 3D printed guns could be a potential threat to the lives of many, especially when it can be smuggled into a Parliament sitting. Well, gun enthusiasts themselves have not really taken to a 3D printed gun too fondly, simply because it is made out of plastic materials and can be attributed to less powerful ammunition, relatively speaking, compared […]

Metaio Reveals First "See-Through" Wearable Augmented Reality
Metaio, a company with a rich heritage when it comes to augmented reality (AR) software as well as solutions, has announced the first “see-through” wearable AR capabilities thanks to the latest Beta version of the Metaio SDK. This would translate to it being optimized for wearable computing devices including the likes of the spanking new Epson Moverio BT-200. Ditching the camera view, Metaio’s technology would enable the user to check […]

World’s Smallest 3D Glasses Worn By Praying Mantis
While the world is enamored with the likes of the Oculus Rift, it is then not a surprise to see how developments are being made in the realm of 3D glasses. In fact, there has been studies that do involve the likes of praying mantises in figuring out just how 3D vision has evolved in the natural world, which could result in newer techniques when it comes to implementing 3D […]

Apple Display Tech Serves Up Interactive Holograms
It does seem as though Apple is working on an interactive three-dimensional display system which would see users gain the ability to manipulate those “objects” in mid-air, which would be part of the illusion of an advanced hologram. Details on this patent application from Apple were published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where it has been described as an “Interactive three-dimensional display system.”

Peanuts 3D Set To Grace The Silver Screen In 2015
It has been over three decades that Snoopy and the rest of the dysfunctional Peanuts gang have appeared on the silver screen, but this fact has not stopped the Peanuts ensemble to go against the grain in 2014. Peanuts, a comic strip created by the late Charles Schulz, has staying power even until today thanks to newspaper syndication, MetLife commercials, reruns of classic TV specials (A Charlie Brown Christmas) and […]

Adobe Introduces 3D Printing Capabilities In Photoshop
There is nothing quite like having the capability of printing items in 3D, in an affordable manner too, of course. Well, Adobe has done just that, introducing 3D printing capabilities to its Photoshop software that will allow designers to print out three-dimensional models and designs – although one would first need to gain access to a 3D printer before that can be done.

Pin Screen On A Building Looks Out Of This World
I am quite sure that when many of us were growing up, we did come across a frame that is full of sliding steel pins that could create a 3D image of whatever solid you placed behind it – such as your hand, or the perennial favorite, a face. Well, how about bringing that idea to the modern day building? This is exactly what British architect Asif Khan set out […]

No Glasses 3D Tablet Makes 3D Viewing More Convenient
We all know just how 3D movies made quite a buzz a few years ago when Avatar hit the silver screen. The thing is, there were not too many 3D movies after that which really managed to capture the rapt attention of the audience, and it has become a gimmick rather than a necessity. The Nintendo 3DS too, tried to ride on the 3D bandwagon where portable gaming is concerned, […]

IZON Wants You To View 3D LED TVs Sans 3D Glasses
When was the last time you paid a visit to the cinema to watch a 3D movie? Do you think that 3D movies will be able to grow from strength to strength, or does it need some kind of kick start such as Avatar and Gravity in order for it to resonate with the masses? Well, for those of you who enjoy 3D movies but prefer to do so in […]

Sense 3D Scanner Is Ultra-Portable And Affordable
3D printing has certainly taken off over the past 12 months as we continue to see some amazing products created with the emerging technology. Since 3D printers are becoming more affordable, more everyday people are getting in on the fun, which also means 3D scanners will also be needed. Unfortunately, scanners aren’t as affordable as 3D printers, although a new scanner being manufactured by 3D Systems may finally be the […]

3D Printed Toothbrush Will Clean Your Teeth In Six Seconds
We realize how important it is to stay on top of our dental hygiene on a daily basis as having a mouth full of rotting teeth will probably won’t be a great look for us. The problem is the amount of time it takes to brush and floss our teeth as well as the fact that we probably miss a few spots here and there without even realizing it. That […]

Occipital Structure Sensor Allows You To Capture The World In 3D
3D is not only confined to the movies, but it has more or less made its way to mainstream consciousness on the home front as well with a rash of desktop 3D printers exploding in this fast growing niche market. Hmmm, having said that, there might just be an opportunity for the world of 3D scanning to mature even more. So far, we do know that Kinect from Microsoft has […]