When Facebook bought Instagram, many were curious as to how Facebook’s social media rival, Twitter would respond. The company made a statement saying that they had no interest in purchasing a service or a tool similar to Instagram, going as far as saying that copying another company’s move is “never a good idea”. However that might not be the case according to two people reportedly familiar with the matter. According to them, it seems that Twitter executives held several meetings with Tap Tap Tap, the developer of the popular iOS camera app, Camera+, in a discussion that could have lead to Twitter purchasing Camera+. This meeting was reportedly held shortly after Facebook had announced their purchase of Instagram.

Much like Instagram, Camera+ allows iOS users to snap a photo, edit it with filters and settings and then upload and share it via its own social network. Safe to say the deal did not go through, and apparently the reason behind the failure is because Tap Tap Tap’s staff were not willing to relocate to San Francisco. The company currently has 10 employees located in San Francisco but has 20 more who are located in other countries such as Austria, New Zealand and Spain.

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