Facebook logoThe next time you think it’s funny to setup a Facebook page in one of your friend’s names, you might want to think twice. A 45-year old woman in the UK by the name of Nicola Brookes is taking Facebook to court in an attempt to get the courts to compel the social networking giant to reveal the people who created her fake Facebook profile page. It began when she left a supportive message on an X Factor singer’s page, after which she was reported to have receive a lot of abuse and hatred from random strangers who called her names and even left her death threats.

It even got to the point where a fake profile was set up in her name and was used to send lewd and explicit messages to young girls. Assuming Facebook were made to comply, this could be the first case of its kind in the UK and will also see Brookes prosecute those behind her fake profile. If all were to go according to Brookes’ plan, not only will this be a first but it could also set a precedent on Facebook etiquette and the use of the social network in the future.

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