Microsoft confirmed earlier rumors of a $99 Xbox 360 sometime last month, and here we are spiralling towards the end of June with word that this particular bundle that will not cost more than a Benjamin, has arrived at store shelves at long last. There is a catch with this particularly bargain basement price – as the buyer, you will need to maintain a $14.99 monthly subscription to Xbox Live Gold, and this commitment will run for two years, which is far longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries. It does make plenty of financial sense if you see yourself spending a lot of time playing using an Xbox Live Gold account, and I believe that those who intend to make the most of this purchase will make a beeline for it – others might want to sit back and think things through before making a two year commitment.

Basically, for $99 a pop, you will receive the basic 4GB Xbox 360 version, as well as Kinect. Throughout the two years, you end up forking out around $30 more compared to purchasing an Xbox 360 right from the get go with Kinect in tow. However, if you are going to subscribe to Xbox Live for multiplayer gaming purposes all the way, this is one bundle not to be missed.

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