We have seen the Necomimi mind-controlled cat ear headband in the past, so if you happen to already own one of those, then you might want to check out this pulse-controlled cat tail. The tail itself will come covered in hand-knit fur to disguise its robotic roots, and it will be connected to a pulse sensor thanks to an AVR microcontroller. The sensor itself will be attached to a clothespin that is clipped on your ear lobe, where your body’s pulse rate will then be sent over to the tail. Just like an actual feline, the tail will sway back and forth the moment your pulse rate arrives at a preset BPM, and will sway even more rapidly the higher the rate climbs.

Creepy for some, absolutely cool for others – it really depends on the side of the fence which you are on. It makes perfect sense (only in Japan I suppose) to have a girl dress up as a French maid, wearing this tail while spending her time (and talent) in a kitchen – making a sandwich for her boyfriend who is too busy surfing 9gag.com, I presume? It is still under development, but do not be too surprised when it arrives in the form of a real product for the masses. Cosplayers will definitely keep their fingers crossed that this happens…

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