Diablo 3 comes in four difficulty modes – Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno, with Inferno being the last and hardest of them all. In fact if you’ve been playing Diablo 3 prior to patch 1.0.3, you’re probably all too familiar with just how insanely hard Inferno is. Well if you thought that Kripp and Krippi’s Hardcore clear of Inferno Diablo 3 was impressive, you might be more impressed by this video released by Athene. If you’re a veteran of the gaming scene, Athene is name you’re no doubt familiar with. Claiming to be the world’s best Paladin (in World of Warcraft), Athene has also been making his rounds in other games, Diablo 3 being one of them.

In the video above, he has basically geared himself to insane levels where he is able to kill Inferno bosses with a few shots. It most definitely is a sight to behold to watch Diablo in Inferno go down in a matter of shots. We’re not sure just how much time and gold/money he spent in order to obtain such crazy items, but we certainly have to tip our hats to him. So if you’d like to see how hilariously easy Athene has made Diablo 3 in Inferno out to be, do check out the video above.

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