Finally, someone over at Facebook decided to take the plunge and transform Facebook credits into actual, real world currency – we’re talking about dollars, pounds, or Galactic credits. Forget about the last part, that’s the stuff of fantasy. The whole idea of this Facebook credit transformation might be a clue that points towards the world’s most popular social network searching for different methods to add more figures to their bottomline, which is in line with Facebook’s goal to transform their bread and butter program to function as a payment platform that is not too far off from Apple’s iTunes store model.

Facebook credits debuted in 2008, where that monetary unit can be exchanged for “gifts” instead of the good old greenback. 2009 and 2010 saw a slight change, as Facebook introduced a way for developers to include credits in their apps that appear on Facebook’s platform. These credits can be spent on the numerous games and apps on Facebook, as well as some retailers including Target. Nice to know that this latest change will see Facebook credits transformed into real world money from next month onwards – whether on mobile or Web platforms.

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