We’re sure that many Final Fantasy gamers can agree that Final Fantasy VII is probably one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made. That being said, with the game being so old, many are wondering if Square Enix will eventually release a remake of the game with updated graphics and perhaps some new gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately that will not be happening, at least not anytime soon. During the company’s annual shareholding meeting, Square Enix’s CEO Yoichi Wada was asked about a possible remake of Final Fantasy VII. He responded by saying that the remake will only happen once Square Enix has created an FF game that exceeds the quality of FFVII. He admits that the Final Fantasy games released now aren’t exceeding the quality of FFVII, and that if they were to release a remake now, it might be the end of the franchise. We can’t help but feel it’s a bit dramatic but at the same time, we’d rather not see a butchered remake of a game that many gamers have come to know and love.

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