Ford GT40 modified, runs on electric motor

What happens when you have plenty of engineering knowledge, and are looking for an avenue to apply it somewhere? This 1968 Fiberfab Valkyrie fiberglass replica of an old Ford GT40 was recently purchased by Andrew McClary on eBay, where he then took the better part of the past couple of years in order to update the kit by throwing in an electric powertrain. In fact, McClary decided to stuff the kit using an electric motor, where it was accompanied by a battery which is capable of providing 38 kilowatt hours of power. The end result of McClary’s work? He dubs it the EVGT-40, which is said to be able to run for up to 120 miles on a single charge, hitting a top speed of 130 miles per hour. Apart from that, in order to add to the vehicle’s green credentials, it features solar panels for additional juice as and when required. For some strange reason, the YouTube video has been removed, which is a bummer.

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