Facebook logoNot too long ago, Facebook launched its Find Friends Nearby feature which basically allowed Facebook users to look for friends who might be in the vicinity. However the feature was then pulled, leaving many to wonder why. Some have attributed this feature to being rather “stalker-ish”, but it might have something to do with mobile app developer Friendthem’s lawsuit against Facebook. According to the company’s CEO, he approached Facebook with the idea back in February, so we guess it wasn’t really a coincidence that Facebook decided to launch something similar several months down the line.

The CEO states that the idea was pitched to a Facebook executive who allegedly said, “I really like this idea”. According to their attorney who spoke with the folks at Mashable, “We will proceed with a lawsuit as soon as we confirm the information we have, but we don’t want to do things irresponsibly.” Could that be why the feature was pulled so quickly due to an impending lawsuit, or was it for other reasons? Either way we will refrain from too much speculating for now, so be sure to check back with us in the future as we will keep you updated on its progress.

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